Minterscan PCO


MSCAN is the official coin of Minterscan and all related services.
Supported by DAO and the Minter core team.

Coin spec:

  • Symbol MSCAN
  • CRR 75%
  • Reserve 90 000 BIP
  • Initial price 1 BIP
  • Initial emission 120 000 MSCAN
  • Growth Fund: MSCAN plays the role of reward in contests
  • Costs coverage: payment for project infrastructure (hosting, domains, etc.)
  • Bonuses: MSCAN received by people who found bugs on Minterscan and related services (bug bounty)
  • Promotions: major MSCAN delegates have the opportunity to influence the development vector of the service by voting for new features
  • Currency: to use the capabilities of Minterscan and its services. For example, in a vote for rating validators and for updating address metadata

We emphasize, in accordance with the philosophy of the project, the explorer itself and all the basic services will always be free. Additional features will be paid, but than won't limit the ability to view information about Minter’s blockchain. Analogy from online games thas is understandable to everyone: users can pay for the skin of the character, but are not required to do so. Changing the skin does not affect the gameplay, this is a voluntary action by the user.

Coin delegation

100% of initial emission delegated evenly by 33.33% to three our partners:

Every time a coin will be unbonded from a validator, a post will be published in advance in the official channel. In the post will be described: a link to the transaction, the amount and purpose of the unbond.

Coin burn

  • 50% of rewards from delegation will be spent on the coin redemption and redelegation evenly into the pools mentioned above
  • 50% of the rewards from delegation can be spent on the development and coverage of project expenses: infrastructure, one-time payment of services (design, translation, promotion), contests, payments to bug-hunters, etc.

What we do not plan

  • Senseless airdrops
  • Obsessive poor quality advertisements
  • Partial or complete project sale to third parties

Minterscan — open, independent project for all Minter users. We release MSCAN and attract investments in order to remain so. We are also interested in a consistently high rate of the coin and will support it with constant redemption and redelegation.

Join us 🚀